xe di san bay noi bai

Driving can be a demanding and arduous responsibility. Perhaps only taxi driving surpasses it in complexity.

Taxi drivers face constant pressure. To deliver passengers to their destinations in time, they must know their route, be aware of street traffic delays and maintain a vehicle that’s properly maintained, including appropriate attire for driving. In addition to obeying local traffic laws and following up with good tips from passengers.

Xe di san bay noi bai driving requires distinct skills from those needed to operate a car or truck, including learning multiple routes quickly and navigating them quickly to find the quickest path from A to B; honking at appropriate times; knowing exactly where they are on a map and being able to give directions with confidence; as well as complex mathematical calculations to ensure they have enough money for their fare.


Taxi drivers require an expansive knowledge of their area’s roads, including all major streets and which intersections to avoid during rush hour. Furthermore, they must know when construction projects are scheduled so that they can plan accordingly; be familiar with fares; perform quick mathematical calculations on them quickly when necessary and know exactly where their next passenger is heading so they can deliver them as efficiently and swiftly as possible.

Taxi drivers require additional training beyond just driving school to properly serve their passengers. They must learn how to deal with emergencies, like when one of their passengers falls ill or their car breaks down on the highway, as well as where best to find passengers with maximum fares and tips from passengers.

Taxi drivers require outstanding customer service skills. They must be able to deal with people in difficult circumstances, such as being late for pick up or having drunk or disorderly passengers on board, communicating effectively with the public and handling any political issues as necessary, performing mathematical calculations quickly when taking into account fares, gas expenses or car maintenance needs quickly and providing reliable transportation service to passengers.