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Best Tamil action movies – from old to new, streaming on aha

1.    Sardar

Sardar is a spy action film with Karthi playing the leading dual roles of Sardar and his son Vijay. Inspector Vijay investigates a shut murder case, which leads him to certain serious national threats. He also discovers the secrets of his long-lost father, considered a national traitor, while trying to find out more about the murder. The story continues with Vijay and his father, Sardar, coming along the same side to fight against a national threat. 

2.    Bheemla Nayak

Bheemla Nayak – film revolves around the fight between an upright cop Bheemla Nayak and an ex-army, Danny. Their fight starts at the movie’s beginning when the police catch Danny for taking liquor at the border area. Since Danny finds it uneasy about forgiving the mistreatment of the police, he takes revenge on Bheemla Nayak. The actual battle starts after that in a series, where each of them fights for their cause. Are you excited to watch this complete action film with a battle between pride and self-esteem? If yes, visit aha to watch this movie online at any time based on your choice.

3.    Pudhupettai

Pudhupettai is a top-rated (IMDb rating of 8.5) crime action film with the lead role played by Dhanush as Kokki Kumar. The film revolves around his life story, growth, family life, and many others. After seeing his mother dead (at first), he runs away to save his life and joins a gangster group. He quickly takes the respect of his gang for his work but later has to turn against his employer. The next part of the story is about his growth as a don and the series of challenges that he faces because of the numerous enemies he has made in his life.

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4.    Sivaji

Sivaji is a complete action film with some emotional parts and romance, starring the Tamil superstar Rajinikanth. The film starts with a software engineer returning to India to serve the nation by investing in the country’s welfare. But he gets stopped by a group of corrupt people, including politicians, and ends up in jail. The movie continues with him solving all those problems effectively by defeating all those corrupt people by acquiring the name Sivaji.

5.    Indian

Indian is another top-rated and super-hit vigilante action film with an IMDb rating of 8.1. It was the highest-grossing Tamil film when it was released, starring the popular Tamil film actor Kamal Hassan in dual roles. The film revolves around a veteran freedom fighter who murders all the wrongdoers – corrupt people in society. He goes on killing all such people because of their bad doings, and even the police find it hard to catch him. But a twist arises when his son becomes a part of such crimes. What will happen next in this film? Watch this super hit Tamil film online on aha with a subscription to know the whole story.

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